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7 Best Coffee Maker Under 50 In 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

best coffee maker under 50 - cup of caffeine

The coffee maker is the sun around which your kitchen orbits: The day starts with brewing your first cup in the morning and ends with preparing the last pot of decaf.

That’s why buying a new coffee maker matters a lot and feels like the whole house’s happiness rests in the balance.

But when finances are tight, a more affordable brand has to suffice. There are plenty of brands to choose from that don’t scrimp on style or quality, but the problem is that it’s pretty daunting to comb through all those model listings.

The good news is we rolled up our sleeves and did the research for you regarding the best coffee maker under $50

Such an affordable coffee maker under $50 won’t have those fancy features, but as a daily coffee fanatic, they still carry out their main function, and you’ll be able to brew your coffee in no time.

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Our List Of Best Coffee Makers Under 50

With so many options to wade through, choosing the perfect coffee maker under $50 can be a bit challenging, but we’ve got you covered.

Our list is a great place to begin your search. Read on to discover the best coffee makers under $50 with the pros and cons of each to find out what all the fuss is about.

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1. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Black – Best Coffee Maker Under $50

Specs: Brand: Mr. Coffee | Material: Plastic | Color: Black | Capacity: 12 Cups | Weight: 3.6 Pounds

While looking for the best coffee makers under $50, all of our research pointed towards this Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker. Here is why you should invest in this great Coffee Maker.

You see this coffee maker has an attractive and compact design suitable for both office and home. Its simple interface with on/off indicator makes brewing a breeze without any hassle. This machine also has a handy “brew pause” feature that helps grab a cup and take a sip even before the brewing is complete.

The dual water window is also handy to control the amount of water inside, hence no more overflows! In addition to that, the filter basket is built to be compatible with any filter paper and is also fast and easy to clean.

This 900-watts powered machine weighs 3.6 pounds and can brew up to 12 cups in under 10 minutes. Speaking of flaws, the material used in this coffee maker is plastic instead of stainless steel, which may be frustrating for some users.

Overall, it’s an exceptional budget coffee machine that serves you great coffee without stepping outside to a coffee shop. 

Reasons To Buy

  • Brews great coffee
  • Dual water window
  • Indicator light for on/off control
  • Brew-pause feature
  • Easily programmable

Reasons To Avoid

  • Plastic body isn’t long-lasting
  • Not very customizable
  • Relatively longer brew-time

2. BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker, Black – Best Budget-Friendly Option

Specs: Brand: BLACK+DECKER | Material:  Plastic | Color: Black | Capacity:  5 Cubic Centimeters | Weight:  2.5 pounds

The BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffee Maker is an excellent coffee maker for those looking for a budget-friendly option. Instead of being complex like most coffee makers, it features only a little red button making it highly convenient to operate. All you have to do is, fill the machine, punch the button, and that’s pretty much it.

It also offers a reinforced glass carafe that is sturdy and built to last. Once brewing is complete, the nonstick carafe plate keeps the coffee warm for up to an hour. Also, the easy-view water window comes with measurement markings so that you don’t overfill the unit or if you don’t want to make a whole pot of coffee. Let’s suppose, if something goes wrong with the coffee maker, don’t panic as it also comes with 2 Years Limited Warranty.

Moreover, you’ll also get a dishwasher-safe removable filter basket that is highly convenient to clean as well as compatible with any kind of filter paper.

Users reported that water runs too quickly through the grounded beans resulting in comparatively low strength of coffee. The plastic built is also not very durable and long-lasting. If that matters to you, then you should probably switch to any other coffee maker on the list.

Last but not least, in terms of price tag, it is at the lowest, i.e., $22 (at the time of writing), hence perfect for those with low countertop space and looking for a budget-friendly 5-cup coffee maker.

Reasons To Buy

  • Straightforward to use
  • Self-cleaning cycle
  • Great value for the money
  • Dishwater-safe removable filter
  • 5 cup capacity

Reasons To Avoid

  • Sub-par taste
  • Plastic built isn’t very durable

3. CHULUX Coffee Maker for Single Cup Capsule, Black – Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

Specs: Brand: CHULUX | Material:  Plastic Housing + Stainless Steel Inside Water Tank | Color:  Multi | Capacity:  12 Ounces | Weight:  2.2 pounds

CHULUX is the best of the pod machines under 50$. It is small, lightweight, and fits almost any kitchen counter. The best part is that it comes with multiple color choices allowing you to choose the one that suits your kitchen design/theme the most.

The operation is the simplest of all, insert the pod/coffee, turn the lock, hit the power button, and the machine makes the coffee and shuts on its own after 3 minutes—you couldn’t expect anything simpler than that.

Another nice thing about this coffee maker is that it fits both first and second-generation K-cups. Note that this machine only stores as much water as needed for a single cup. If you want to keep this unit for years, it is advised to clean the machine regularly so that it lasts longer.

Some users complained about unnecessary water leakage, but the company has excellent customer service and offers refunds as well. Make sure to check the return policy twice before making a purchase. As far as I know, you can only return the product within a month after your purchase, but also make sure to keep the original packaging and not throw it right away.

Overall, it’s a small, lightweight, efficient coffee maker with a magnificent design that serves a great cup of joe every morning.

Reasons To Buy

  • Single Serve Pod Machine
  • 7 color options available
  • Very fast brewing
  • K-cup compatible
  • Removable drip tray & auto shut-off

Reasons To Avoid

  • Inconsistent quality
  • Relatively Short life
  • Requires regular cleaning

4. Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker – Best for Single Person Use

If you are one who wants to avoid the use of pods because of their environmental harm (or their taste), then this Single-serve Coffee Maker by Hamilton Beach should be your top choice. It is also a great choice if you are trying to minimize your time and struggle with lots of different parts and their clean-up.

Instead of using pre-packaged pods, you can use the scoop-single server with the grounds of your own choice; it helps customize your coffee experience. Also, this reusable mesh scoop is environment-friendly and cheaper than those pre-packaged pods.

The model comes with a durable stainless-steel design that is built to last longer. In order to avoid overflows while brewing, it is suggested not to overfill the scoop filter and avoid using too fine grounded coffee. 

This machine is very fast as well. You can get an 8-ounce coffee cup in less than 90-seconds, similarly to this 14-ounce travel mug (View On Amazon) in under 2.5 minutes. It’s great for those busy mornings where you’re in a hurry and need to grab and go.

Unfortunately, it’s not all smiles and rainbows; this machine also has some downsides, like the coffee temperature isn’t up to the mark. You may have to microwave the coffee after brewing to get hot enough. In simple terms, this machine doesn’t keep the promise of brewing good-quality coffee. The coffee temperature and coffee strength are a question mark and room for improvement for the company.

Despite its flaws, In my opinion, whether you want a daily dose of coffee in the early morning or you need a quick cup of joe in the afternoon, this Scoop-Single Server by Hamilton Beach serves a great job.

Reasons To Buy

  • Single-serve, no pods
  • Attractive and Sturdy design
  • Brews coffee quickly
  • No Carafe to break

Reasons To Avoid

  • Lower Temperature
  • Coffee strength isn’t upto the mark
  • Some users reported filter problems

5. Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker – Best For Grounded Coffee

Specs: Brand: Bodum | Material: Stainless Steel, Glass, Plastic | Color:  Chrome | Capacity:  17 Ounce capacity | Weight:  1.76 Ounces

Now, let’s talk about the French Press. According to Statista, about four percent of the coffee drinkers in the U.S. use French Press. That’s why I found it helpful also to include a French Press on the list of best coffee makers under $50. 

The French press is a wonderfully uncomplicated and straightforward way to make a delicious cup of coffee. French Presses are both fancy that can cost you up to 100 bucks or more and are budget-friendly. The BODUM Chambord is a great French Press Coffee Maker that delivers exceptional coffee to the user without losing quality. Here is an overview of some of its features.

It features a 3 part stainless steel plunger with a mesh filter. The mesh filter isn’t any ordinary one; it perfectly extracts coffee’s aromatic oils and other flavors, unlike letting them be absorbed in the filter paper. The simple glass beaker and elegant frame provide an aesthetic look. Also, the steel plunger pushes down in a breeze without any scratching or stickiness. Such scratching is quite common among other French Pressed.

Lastly, as the model is dishwasher safe, it’s highly convenient to clean. For instance, if any part breaks, don’t worry as the company sells replacement parts. Both bigger and smaller models are available; however, if you are a single person, then this 51 Ounces BODUM Chambord’s model is a great option to go with.

Reasons To Buy

  • Sturdy & Well-made
  • Easy to clean and use 
  • Beautiful in design
  • Maximum Flavour extraction

Reasons To Avoid

  • Glass may break
  • Tiny deposit of coffee grounds in the coffee

6. Cuisinart DCC-450BK Coffeemaker with Stainless-Steel Carafe – Best 4- Cup Under 50

Specs: Brand: Cuisinart | Material: Stainless Steel | Color: Black | Capacity: 4 Cups | Weight: 3.25 Pounds

This coffee maker by Cuisinart allows you to brew 4-5 ounce cups of coffee (about two mugs) at a time. Starting off with its features, it comes with a shatterproof stainless steel carafe with a knuckle guard so that you don’t burn yourself while making coffee. A dripless pour spout is also installed for added ease.

The machine also supports the brew-pause feature, which is very helpful if you need to sneak a little bit before the brewing has been finished. The machine will shut off automatically after 30-minutes of brewing.

Another cool thing about this machine is that it won’t take up much counter space; hence, it’s an excellent choice for those with a small countertop or those who are just starting over. 

The only disappointing fact is that you have to make sure that the top is pushed down completely; otherwise, the coffee won’t drain, resulting in spillover. 

Reasons To Buy

  • Sturdy
  • Stainless Steel Carafe
  • Brew-Pause Feature
  • Includes Instruction Booklet

Reasons To Avoid

  • Requires Regular Cleaning
  • Relatively Short Shut-off time

7. AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press – Best Travel Coffee Maker

Specs: Brand: Aeropress | Material: Polypropylene, Free of Phthalate, Free of BPA | Color: Grey | Capacity: 8 Ounces | Weight: 318 grams

Finally, this review came to an end with the Aeropress Go Portable Coffee Press. One thing which shocked me away about this coffee maker is that it has an impressive number of positive customer feedback, which suggests that it is trendy. It’s small, lightweight, and portable hence great for Travel and Hiking purposes. 

With this Coffee Maker, you can easily make up to 1-3 cups of delicious coffee in under a minute. All the parts of this coffee maker are dishwasher safe; hence, cleaning is almost effortless.

Besides the brewer, this Aeropress Coffee Maker features a small measuring scoop, a foldable stirrer, and a unique filter holder. The entire set-up weighs only 318 grams and fits inside the included 444 mL mug, which doubles as a carrying case.

The only pitfall is that the whole thing is made up of Plastic- Duh. Though, I prefer not to drink any hot beverage in a plastic mug. But for Travel and the outdoors, it will serve a great job.

To sum up, with such a great compact and portable coffee maker, you can brew anywhere!

Reasons To Buy

  • Great Budget-Friendly Option
  • Sleek and Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Best for Travel and Outdoors

Reasons To Avoid

  • Plastic built 
  • Smaller Capacity
  • Some quality control issues

Things To Consider

Let’s say you’ve decided on the type of coffee maker that suits your needs. Then, how do you choose between all of the various models on the market in that particular category?

It will be convenient and even enjoyable to brew up your morning beverage with the right coffee maker.

Here are some things to know when making your selection. I took all of these factors into account while compiling this list of best coffee makers under $50.

Take stock of how much you drink.

Think about how much coffee you consume a day, as well as the number of coffee drinkers in your house. If you brew a cup or two before hopping into your car to head to work, go for pour-overs, French presses, or pod-based machines. If you have a couple of coffee drinkers in your household, a drip coffee maker will do. Look for a machine that can hold up to 12 cups.

If you enjoy jumping between styles to keep things interesting or want to meet everyone’s different brew preferences, check out the dual coffee maker, which has the capacity of brewing an entire pot of coffee while also having a single-serving function on the side.

There is no recommended capacity as it primarily depends on your demand. So, invest in coffee makers accordingly.

Consider the special features.

Coffee makers under $50 may not have all those fancier features as those of expensive ones, but there are still some bells and whistles that could be convenient.

If you’re in an entirely frazzled state in the morning, pick a version with an auto-start function that you can set the night before.

Likewise, the auto shut-off feature is also an absolute lifesaver, so you won’t need to worry as you rush out the door. It will help cut down your electricity bills but also protects the coffee maker from burning. In this way, it could save you and your investment in case of an unanticipated mistake.

Is your schedule too busy? Then buy a coffee maker with pause & pour features. It lets you pour a cup of coffee before the brew cycle ends, so you won’t have to wait for that first sip.

Consider the size of the water tank.

We’ve all been there: barely getting our feet on the ground while struggling to make a cup of coffee. In such a case, you’ll want to make sure that your machine doesn’t run out of coffee mid-brew. Pick a version with a water tank big enough to meet your coffee demands. It will also save you from the hassle of refilling all the time. The added water weight also results in extra stability and prevents “walking” while brewing.

Think about how easy it is to clean.

You’ll have to clean these coffee makers regularly to keep them operating. If you don’t have the time to hand-wash the carafe every day, you’ll want a model that can go in the dishwater.  Aside from the carafe, these machines have to be cleaned internally where coffee grounds or moisture accumulate, so there is a self-clean feature included for this purpose in some of them. Some of them have dripping protection making them easier to clean.

Final Verdict

The Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker is the slimmest and most affordable coffee maker available. On top of its space-saving design, it offers the Grab-A-Cup feature that allows you to take the coffee pot off the burner before the brewing cycle is finished.

On the other hand, BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker is also an affordable alternative with a price tag below 50$, as well as it is one of the most compact drip coffee makers you can find. It’s an excellent choice for coffee lovers looking for a budget-friendly 5-cup coffee maker.

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