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5 Best Coffee For Moka Pot In 2022 | Reviews and Top-Picks

best moka pot coffee beans

Whether you call it a ‘caffettiera’, a ‘macchinetta’, a percolator, or a stovetop espresso maker, this charmingly octagonal Moka Pot is an important symbol of Italian coffee culture. Almost 90% of Italian households possess a Moka pot. This Italian design vessel, equally ubiquitous and divisive among coffee fans, has been in use since the 1930s.

The beautifully designed Moka Pot is a simple brewer with a few parts that brews rich, deep flavored coffee. There are no wires, no complicated and delicate parts that are prone to breakage. It is an inexpensive espresso alternative to make super-concentrated forms of coffee.

Moka pots aren’t exactly a walk in the park. But compared to other espresso machines, they are much easier to use and pull great, flavorful shots.

You also need excellent beans to achieve the perfect brew. To start your Moka pot journey, here is the list of best coffee beans for Moka Pot which you can order right now!

Our Top-Picks At A Glance

Meet the Moka Pot

 best coffee bean for moka pot

The Moka pot was invented in 1933 by Luigi di Ponti for Alfonso Bialetti in Crusinallo in northern Piedmont. The idea was inspired by the early cloth-washing machines.

The washing set-up used a heat source to boil the soapy water, causing it to rise up out of the tube to disperse over the laundry. With the help of Luigi De Ponti, Bialetti was able to transform this idea into Moka pot, an aluminum, pressure-driven stove-top coffee brewer, which is one of the most famous, familiar brewers in the world.

What’s the Moka Pot made of?

Moka Express is an octagonal device made of aluminum or stainless steel with bakelite handles. It’s a simple method of brewing considered worthy of respect in the continued canon of coffee invention and innovation.

The Moka pot is made up of 3 main components. There is a water chamber at the bottom of the pot containing water to be heated. Above that, ground coffee is placed in a coffee basket (also called the filter funnel). The top chamber (collector) collects the brewed coffee and keeps it calm and ready for you to pour the strong brew.

How does a Moka Pot work?

Here is how brewing is done inside a Moka Pot. Water is placed at the bottom chamber, and above that, the metal filter is set onto it, with coffee grounds placed.

When the Moka pot is placed on the stove, the water boils, the steam increases the pressure that pushes water up through the coffee grounds in the filter, extracting the coffee and sending it up into the top chamber. Meanwhile, the valve prevents too much pressure from building up. The lower chamber dispels the built-up pressure by forcing the water vapors into the upper, creating gurgling noises.

As soon as the gurgling noise is heard, one may close the lid, take it off the stove, and dispense the strong brew


Unlike other espresso machines, Moka pots are comparatively easier to clean and maintain. No-fuss, no muss.

Once your Moka pot cools, dump the grounds, take the pieces apart and remove the filter basket. Thoroughly rinse each part with warm water. Wipe down the parts with a soft cloth. Any leftover water can cause corrosion of the metal, so you want to make sure everything’s dry, especially in the case of an aluminum Moka pot.

Best Coffee For Moka Pot To Buy In 2022

On the lookout for the best coffee beans for Moka pot?

Glad we’re here to help. Read on to see what we think of the best coffee for Moka pot available on the market right now so that you can make an informed decision that’s right for your tastes.

1. Illy Classico Medium Roast Coffee – Best Coffee For Moka Pot

Specs: Brand: Illy Coffee | Roast Level: Medium Roast | Caffeine Content: Caffeinated | Speciality: Certified Organic

Illy isn’t any ordinary brand; in fact, it is featured on the list of the World’s most ethical companies. Despite selling coffee beans, they also provide hands-on training to farmers and growers worldwide through their Universita Del Caffe, benefiting them in terms of skills, techniques, innovation, and much more without charging them a penny.

This Illy Classico Medium Roast blend is composed of nine of the finest Arabica coffees sourced around the globe. It comes pre-grounded for Moka brewers to get optimal flavor extraction. It’s the best ready-to-use item on our list.

Packaging is something which Illy Coffee Company paid close attention to; It arrives packed in a pressurized, vacuum-sealed can that accommodates in keeping the flavor for the long-term. It also enhances the oils & aromas so that you relish the best possible after opening.

All in all, Illy coffee company doesn’t only taste good, it does good, too!

Reasons to buy

  • Richly Aromatic
  • Excellent packaging
  • Smooth, Well-defined body
  • Notes of Chocolate & Caramel

Reasons to avoid

  • Comes pre-grounded only
  • Great only for Moka pots

2. Lavazza Espresso Italiano Blend – Best Lavazza For Moka Pot

Specs: Brand: Lavazza | Roast Level: Medium Roast | Caffeine Content: Caffeinated | Speciality: Non-GMO, 100% Arabica

Established in 1895 in Turin, Italy. Lavazza had been a family-owned business for nearly four generations. As a premium coffee roaster, that’s the reason Lavazza is considered a global, authentic Italian brand.

This premium Lavazza Espresso Italiano is a 100% Arabica blend sourced from Central and South America. Their beans are long-roasted to add a distinctive Italian espresso taste to the final brew. Delicately brought to a medium roast, this Lavazza Italian Espresso coffee produces a tempting aroma ideal for Moka pot brewers.

If that’s not enough to convince you to add to your cart, then perhaps one of the nearly 4,000 five-star reviews these beans have garnered on Amazon will surely sway you.

Needless to say, the Espresso Italiano is the best Lavazza coffee for Moka Pot.

Reasons to buy

  • Non-GMO, 100% Arabica
  • Roasted in Italy
  • Fragrant flavor & Aromatic notes

Reasons to avoid

  • Pre-grounded option only
  • Somewhat stale

3. Mayorga Organics Café Cubano Dark Roast – Non-GMO Verified

Specs: Brand: Mayorga | Roast Level: Dark Roast | Caffeine Content: Caffeinated | Speciality: USDA Organic

The reason why I included this coffee bag on our list of best Moka pot coffee is its 100% USDA certification. These are pure Arabica beans grown high in the mountains of Nicaragua.

In today’s world of mass automation, Mayorga coffee is roasted manually in small batches to make a great quality coffee.

Also, the slow-roasting batch process ensures a smooth finish with low acidity and hints of vanilla flavors. As Mayorga Organics coffee is a dark roast, you can expect a bold intensity touch to your final brew.

Both the whole beans and grind options are available with the product. However, for Moka brewers, a medium/fine grind is recommended by the manufacturer.

For an extra layer of reliability, a 30-day money-back guarantee is also available. So, in case you didn’t like the product, simply ask for a refund, and the whole amount will be refunded to you with no questions asked.

Reasons to buy

  • Specifically for Moka
  • Low acidic & 100% Arabica
  • Smooth and bold finish

Reasons to avoid

  • Reports of bitter taste

4. Aromistico Italian Roma Blend – Best Italian Coffee For Moka Pot

Specs: Brand: Aromistico | Roast Level: Medium Roast | Caffeine Content: Caffeinated | Specialty: 100% Organic

For Moka brewers, it makes sense to go for beans from an Italian brand like Aromistico. Italian roasters are known for their skills in crafting exotic blends that envelop your taste buds with full-bodied richness in every sip.

To preserve Aromistico Coffee’s iconic taste, professionals hand-roast these exotic blends in small batches at Lake Garda. The roast level is set medium but somewhat veers towards dark roast with a distinct oily sheen. The resulting flavor profile has a luxurious yet sharp nutty flavor with a smooth aroma and minimal acidity.

Besides selling coffee, Aromistico also cares for mother nature. For every 10 Kg of Aromisitco coffee sale, a coffee plant tree is planted in cooperation with the help of Tree-Nation. The coffee arrives in a secure, reusable bag that accommodates keeping the beans fresh and aromatic. It keeps the air out without ruining your coffee from oxygen exposure.

Enjoy an exceptional cup of Italian roasted coffee while sitting at the comfort of your home with Aromistico!

Reasons to buy

  • Premium blend of organic beans
  • Packed in Nifty reusable bag
  • Sharp, smooth and nutty flavors

Reasons to avoid

  • Somewhat oily beans
  • Not the decaf option

5. Lifeboost Dark Roast – Best Ground Coffee For Moka Pot

Specs: Brand: Lifeboost Coffee | Roast Level: Dark Roast | Caffeine Content: Caffeinated | Speciality: Non-GMO

Lifeboost is known for growing exceptional coffee in high-altitude regions. Their beans are delicious and ethically sourced from the mountains of Central America. Each bean is hand-selected by farmers, then processed in spring water, and hand-roasted in small batches.

This Lifeboost Coffee bag is a dark roast and comes in both whole beans and pre-ground options. However, I recommend choosing the whole beans option and grinding it yourself for the Moka pot to ensure freshness. Once you try this mild and creamy dark roast, you’ll notice hints of chocolate and caramel. Its natural sweetness is ideal for Moka pot and espresso.

Although high-altitude beans tend to be naturally acidic, that’s why they may cause stomach discomfort and some severe teeth issues. But luckily, that’s not the case with Lifeboost coffee. The way they grow, pick and process their beans, the end result is way less acidic and very gentle to organs.

To sum up, I discovered Lifeboost, the best coffee for Moka pot!

Reasons to buy

  • Delicious dark roast
  • Single-origin, 100% Arabica
  • Low acid with no additives

Reasons to avoid

  • Fairly pricey

Buyer’s Guide to Best Moka Pot Coffee

best coffee for moka pot image 2

Nowadays, there’s a myth about Moka pots that they produce slightly bitter coffee. The answer is simple; it’s not about the type/brand of Moka pot you’re using. It’s all about choosing the right coffee and preparing it the right way.

So, how can one identify this “good coffee”? In order to reap the benefits of a smooth, velvety coffee, there are a few criteria you should look for when buying the best coffee for Moka pot.

1. Whole Bean or Pre-ground

Generally speaking, Whole beans are considered the best choice for the freshest tasting coffee. However, it is recommended to buy whole beans first and then grind them manually at home, just before starting brewing. Grinding isn’t enough. The right grind is what matters the most and is the key to optimal extraction. As per our experience, a medium-fine grind works perfectly for Moka pots.

To sum up, grinding your beans is the way to go as it gives you complete control over how coarse beans are, ensuring you get a brew that’s just perfect. Since Moka pots are designed to be used with a full water chamber and a crowded funnel of grounds, the grind matters a lot and must be on point.

On the other hand, if you prefer to go with the pre-grounded version, always pick the bag specifically for Moka pots. Why? Well, espresso grounds tend to clog your Moka filter while beans for drip coffee aren’t fine enough.

2. Type of Roast

When it comes to making the “perfect coffee”, the degree of roast also plays a starring role. Moka Pots are better known as the Stovetop Espresso makers; because they brew a concentrated coffee pretty much similar to a shot of espresso. So, it makes sense that you opt for roast levels that are ideal for both Moka pots and espresso machines.

And by roast levels, we mean medium-dark roast. These deeper roasts incorporate rich notes of chocolate, are low in acidity, and have a creamy mouthfeel. They also stand up well to the pressurized brewing processes.

On the flip side, Light roasts are more acidic and have an uneven extraction. Caffeine level is also high in lighter roasts which can lead to stomach discomfort and teeth issues.

Light roasts aren’t the best choice for Moka pots. Simple as that. 

3. The Origin Matters!

Moka pot is an iconic coffee maker that originated in Italy. Therefore, it’s always a better choice to opt for Italian coffee brands.

On our list of the best coffee for Moka pots, Illy, Lavazza, or Aomistico can be your top choice as they have plenty of experience in crafting Moka-style coffee over the years.

4. Size of the Bag

For Whole beans, the bag size doesn’t make much difference. You can order bulk to save money too. The Whole beans form stay fresh for extended periods.

While for pre-grounded versions, always look for smaller bags. By this, your coffee bag will be consumed relatively quickly after opening, and you’ll have the freshest taste possible.

5. Arabica or Robusta

Arabica beans are a widely popular coffee type and here is the reason why? They are sweeter, juicy, and organic. Whereas, Robusta beans tend to have an aftertaste often referred to as the smell of burnt rubber. They also come with slightly higher caffeine content, which is both a good thing and a bad thing.

All of the above-recommended beans are 100% Arabica having a sweeter, fruitier profile. Still, it is wise to double-check the 100% Arabica label on the coffee beans.

6. Organic

The production and processing of organic beans don’t require any involvement of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. They are often high-altitude beans grown in the Mountains. So, to avoid any unnecessary consumption of chemicals, it is always a better choice to opt for Certified organic beans.

best moka pot coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you shouldn’t tamp a Moka pot because the pressure is much lower compared to an espresso machine; if you do so, you will slow the flow down & over-extract, forming a bitter cup.

There are several reasons leading to a bitter Moka Pot coffee; a few common reasons are due to over-extraction (fix-pre-heat the water) or due to the use of low-grade or stale coffee beans.

No! They should be kept in an Airtight Container (View at Amazon) at the same time away from sunlight. Make sure to keep them dry and cool but not in the fridge. This way, you can maintain the oils inside the beans for easier rehydration and protect them from loss of any nutritional value.

If convenience is something that matters to you the most, then there’s nothing wrong with getting pre-ground beans. The reason why Experts recommend whole beans is their lasting freshness.

Final Verdict

Many coffee fans around the globe revere Moka Pot. Moka Pot coffee-making is not an exact science; you just need to pick the right coffee to up your game.

With that said, check out the Illy Classico Medium Roast Blend as our top recommendation. They come pre-grounded and perform exceptionally well for Moka Pot brews.

I hope that our detailed review on the best coffee for Moka Pot has helped you a lot in making better Moka Pot coffee choices. In the world of coffee, not every time you buy a coffee bag needs to satisfy all your flavor requirements; it’s all about trial and testing, and I hope any one of our top recommendations will suit your taste buds’ desires to the fullest.

Happy caffeinating!

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